Generate Stunning 3D Video Art

It's fun, free, and easy with Vision Beam, a mobile 3D video synthesizer.

Mobile Friendly

Optimized to render busy scenes with complex physics efficiently on low power devices.

Connect with WiFi

Synchronize up to eight devices running Vision Beam over WiFi.

Fully Programmable

Write and save custom Lua scripts to create your own unique generative art.

Four Tracks

Vision Beam has four tracks and each track controls a separate synthesis layer. Tracks 1 and 2 are for general purpose geometry synthesis, while track 3 controls the lighting and track 4 controls the camera. Switch between tracks using the red buttons on top. The green sliders have control over the selected track.

Three LFOs

Low frequency modulation is central to nearly all synthesizers. Vision Beam has three independent LFOs that can animate almost any track parameter in three dimensions. The ADSR envelope can be triggered by the built in sequencer or audio input and provides shaping of the shader output.

Advanced Video Synthesizer Architecture

Networked, Programmable, Polyformic


Connect up to eight devices together for simultaneous control.

Select Host

Press the Hosts button to connect to other Vision Beam devices on the Wifi.


Vision Beam automatically reconnects to the last connected host.

Write in Lua

Code your own generative art programs on the fly with the built-in Lua interpreter.

Save Track

Press and hold a custom program button to save the current track.

Recall Scene

Program four programs at a time to recall up to five entire scenes in full polyformy.

Physical Modelling Video Synthesis

Video Synthesis that Feels Familiar


Forms include cube, sphere, cylinder, capsule, and torus. Forms can be single or ringed.


Choose from several custom albedo, emission, and sky textures.


Adjust and animate the color, intensity, and direction of light.


Animate almost any parameter with LFOs or the ADSR envelope.


Forms can be torqued and pushed and collide physically within an arena.


Camera can torque on any axis